5 Points to a Successful Telemarketing Campaign

5 Points to a Successful Telemarketing Campaign in a “DND” World

Posted on September 15, 2016

Telemarketing, these days, is becoming difficult to pursue for an organization as people prefer to opt for DND (Do Not Disturb) services. Today, everyone is struggling for time and our crunching schedules have made us poor in terms of available time. Thus, no one wants to have long telephonic conversations with telemarketers. However, if your organization wants to carry out a telemarketing campaign in this “Do Not Disturb” world, there are some vital points which you must mull over before launching the campaign.

Here are the 5 significant points which can help you achieve success in telemarketing even when people are not that forthcoming:

  1. Find a Good Reason to Call

    Most often, a telemarketing call only lasts for a few seconds and one of the biggest reasons for this is that the customers do not perceive any value in the call. Thus, it’s vital that you first understand the consumer’s perspective and find a good reason to call. There must be some value in the call in terms of style and substance, and once you understand what is considered valuable by the customer, you can have a long call with successful outcomes.

  2. Introduce the Company

    Before introducing the offer that you want to present to the customer, introduce the company. It is almost impossible to have a single telemarketing call introducing the company, product or service, the offer that you want to present, and finally closing the deal, all over a single call. It’s quite a lot for a single call and the customer’s often don’t take decisions in such a hurry. You can therefore use telephone calls to cultivate relationships with customers and removing any potential obstacles between buying and closing sales. So, your first objective on the call should be to introduce the company, even if it’s already a big brand and make your customers feel comfortable before rushing to the offer.

  3. Indulge In a Meaningful Conversation

    When people receive calls from telemarketers who sound as if they are reading a script, most customers automatically consider the call as impersonal or unwanted. But, if you take the opportunity to communicate efficaciously with the customer, understand their perspective and carry out a meaningful conversation, there are chances that you will end up closing the deal and making the sale.

  4. Indulge In Personalized Marketing

    When you call the right person with the right offer, there are higher chances of achieving success on a telemarketing call. These days, companies are leveraging the power of technology and data to determine valuable insights about customer behavior. Consider segmenting the customers into different groups and present the right offer to the intended customer as per your research findings.

  5. Construct a Lucrative Offer

    Construct an appealing offers to generate the interest of the customer in your product or service. If you are presenting your products and services like everyone else, the chances of achieving success in the sales call would be reduced significantly. But, if you present a better offer and ensure that the customer understands the advantages of associating with your organization, you will certainly be able to close the deal.

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