5 Major Benefits of Microsoft's Azure Cloud Solution

5 Major Benefits of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Solution

Posted on February 25, 2021

Microsoft is currently the leading cloud infrastructure for businesses. It offers Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) under the Azure umbrella. Azure is designed in a way allowing building, deploying, and managing all types of apps quickly and easily without investing in other underlying infrastructure. It carries integrated cloud resources meeting security and compliance requirements.

Microsoft cloud Azure is estimated to be the largest IaaS and PaaS service provider, benefiting businesses in terms of flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and cutting-edge technology.

Let us check 5 such benefits of using Microsoft Azure:

  1. Works Perfectly for Small and Established ones
    Microsoft Azure is designed to fit all the types and sizes of businesses. From local food delivery apps to multi-national corporations, it helps in meeting the IT demands of every type of company. Moreover, it allows businesses to launch and store internal and external applications using cloud technology, saving time and cost of the IT section.
  2. Helps in Expanding your Current IT Infrastructure
    One of the major benefits of investing in Microsoft Azure is it allows IT personnel to focus on your business. From deploying, running to maintaining, the cloud infrastructure makes it happen without much IT personal involvement. Furthermore, an integrated development environment will help reduce the learning curve and swift increase in mastering the platform. Additionally, the cloud has a strong footprint in more countries compared to Amazon, helping faster delivery of content.
  3. Privacy
    By using Microsoft Azure, the user has complete control over the collection and distribution of customer data. The user will have an idea about the geographical location and number of people having access to the data. Microsoft strictly adheres to guidelines of not disclosing customer data to the government or any third party. However, it does agree with releasing a small section of data to the government for security purposes.
  4. Cost-Effective
    Microsoft Azure offers a pay-as-you-go payment plan allowing businesses to have better control over IT budgets. Furthermore, with SaaS applications, users will be able to reduce infrastructure costs and maintenance of the IT environment.
  5. Easy Integration with other Microsoft Tools
    Microsoft Azure is easily able to integrate with other Microsoft tools like Outlook, Office 365, and SharePoint. Using this cloud infrastructure can simplify the operation using a virtual on-premise machine.

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