5 Major Benefits of Customer Journey Mapping

5 Major Benefits of Customer Journey Mapping

Posted on July 15, 2021

Understanding a customer’s experience with a brand requires adopting the customer’s point of view. As a result, many businesses are using customer journey mapping to examine the user experience and identify areas for improvement. Brands can create complete maps that depict the customer’s motives and feelings along the path from potential to loyal customers by analyzing quantitative data and stories from both consumers and staff.

Digital marketing companies use this customer journey mapping to help in the marketing perspective. Here are 5 different benefits of using customer journey mapping –

  1. Step into the shoes of your shoppers
    According to McKinsey research, companies that consistently provide best-in-class customer experiences develop quicker and more profitably.

    Customer experience leaders are 80 percent more likely to retain customers, receive good referrals, and spend less money on marketing. You are no longer the target client the moment you join an organization. Instead, you go on an endless journey to see the brand through the eyes of the client. Understanding consumer emotions is more essential than ever. Today’s brands compete on value rather than pricing. You will stand out if you provide extraordinary experiences.

  2. Helps to identify communication gaps
    Customer journey maps also highlight any service gaps that may arise. One channel, for example, may be understaffed, irritating consumers who favor that channel. Similarly, if the mobile version is not optimized, switching from a desktop to a mobile device may not work properly.
  3. Helps in reducing the cost
    Customers who utilize customer journey maps save money. According to an Aberdeen Group study, such businesses see a tenfold increase in customer service costs. Furthermore, businesses that manage client journeys see a 21 percent year-over-year increase, while those that don’t see a -2.2 percent drop.
  4. Helps to fuel your content marketing
    Creating or procurement well-targeted, relevant content is the largest optimization issue for more than two-thirds of today’s companies. If you give relevant, tailored content, your audience will engage and buy more. As a result, customer journey mapping is critical to the effectiveness of your content marketing.
  5. Increase in Sales
    Upselling and cross-selling activities generate 56 percent more income for such businesses, resulting in an average sales cycle that is 18 times quicker. These businesses get a 54 percent higher return on marketing spends as a result of their marketing tactics.

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