5 Key Benefits of Using Swift for iOS Development

5 Key Benefits of Using Swift for iOS Development

Posted on September 17, 2020

The world of iOS application development has been transformed with the advent of the Swift programming platform. Previously, Objective-C was the fundamental language used to develop mobile applications for different purposes. In the year 2014, Apple made a revolutionary change by introducing Swift with a motive of replacing C from Objective-C.

5 Benefits of Using Swift for iOS Development

  1. Readability
    Swift requires a coder to write very few lines in comparison to Objective-C. It means that the codes will be highly readable and easier to execute. For instance, legacy conventional elements of code such as end lines, semicolons, etc are being dropped by the new software development program.
  2. Maintenance
    The prime issue with Objective-C was its dependency on the evolution of C to make this platform better. With the introduction of Swift, these dependencies will not be there as it has become independent of the C language. Hence, its maintenance has become very convenient. All the app development steps have become more time-efficient.

    This means app developers will now be able to concentrate more on creating new applications rather than spending time maintaining the development platform.

  3. Safer than Objective-C
    A secure application developed for smartphone users is the prime strength for a business. It becomes more reliable and trustworthy for the users. This element is extremely important in a competitive market. Answering this priority, Swift will produce safer mobile apps for businesses. The language constructions and syntax exclude mistakes that were prominent in Objective-C. It means that an application will crash less and leave very few loopholes to be corrected in due course of time.
  4. Speed
    The prime reason for using Swift replacing Objective-C is speed. If we consider Python as the yardstick then Objective-C takes 2.8 times less time to develop an app. On the other hand, Swift takes 3.9 times less time than Python. There is a significant 39.28% increase in the efficiency of writing codes and developing an application for the iOS platform.
  5. Open Source
    The fascinating part of this app development language is that it is free to use. Since 2015, Swift was made an open-source platform to invite potential developers to work on it and make the app store market better. The contribution coming from developers across the world shows how successful this language is for app development.

Apart from these benefits, Swift adds more time efficiency and cost-effectiveness in developing a new application for your business.

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