5 Emerging Trends in Illustration

5 Emerging Trends in Illustration

Posted on November 10, 2016

In a world of increased innovation in marketing, every business has an urgent need for perfect illustration to attract customers towards them. The basic criterion of an illustration is having the apt concept of design and drawing. Many believe that anyone who has a flair for drawing and can pour out his/her creative juices into the illustration will be able to make an excellent illustration! However, after the initial sketch-based illustration, the modern matter ought to be amalgamated with the same. Modern day illustration is far more complex, and demands illustrators to be abreast with all the latest trends in illustration and 3D art.

Trends in Illustration to Look Out for in 2017

Illustration has undergone an era of evolution through the past decade, and today, there are various forms of illustration that are being showcased in various platforms. Five of such emerging trends in the illustration are noted below:

  1. The thrill of 3D Illustration

    Three-dimensional illustration is one of the most popular illustrations, which is used extensively in every sphere. It requires a very creative bent of mind to have the capability to blend the perfect colors and patterns.

  2. Fascinating Photography Mix

    2016 witnessed the amalgamation of photography and illustration at a massive scale. A lot of exciting new features and techniques of merging the characteristics of both photography and illustration will surface in the coming year.

  3. The Melody of Movement

    An illustration feels more lively and interactive when there is a certain kind of movement associated with it. The movement can be of any cartoon, animal figure, or any kind of animated object, but the effect of the same at the receiver’s end is too good to be true. Customers feel more connected with the illustrations combined with moving objects and the message becomes easier to fathom.

  4. Articulation of Art-and-Craft in Illustration

    This is more of a retro style of illustration comprising of vinyl boards, artisan coffee movements, craft beers, multilayered worlds made of fabric or thread, colorful abstract masterpieces with the use of modern mixed media. These ancient forms of illustration still have the ability to please the customers to the maximum possible extent. Old is gold, as they say, the union of the art and crafts with the modern form of illustration has a splendid way of expressing the matter. So, in the coming year, even this trend is going to hit the images of illustration.

  5. The Cool Factor of Color Palette and Vector Designs

    Illustration throughout the ages has been incomplete without the main two forms, namely the use of vector designs and color palettes. The same trend of even more use of these two will be observed this year. The only addition in the picture will be a more intense use of colors and superior color palettes along with the humorous white and black forms of designs. Also, the vector designing quality is going to see an upsurge.

In addition to the ones mentioned above, other trending forms of illustrations that are going to make the news in the year 2017 are cinematic imagery and instant responses to current events. Therefore, it is necessary to gain the technical expertise to maintain the modern trend of illustration and become more business friendly.

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