5 Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Writing

Posted on October 4, 2014

If you are a pharmaceutical, life science or biotechnology company, then you can enjoy huge cost savings by outsourcing your medical writing needs. Outsourcing medical writing is an effective business strategy that can help you reduce rising costs, while delivering high-quality medical writing services, within your budget and time constraints.

1. Minimize payroll costs: If your company has a modest budget or produces fewer publications, then outsourcing is a great way to avoid the cost of staffing an in-house team of medical writers. You can enjoy cost savings related to medical insurance, payroll, worker’s compensation and vacation time.

2. Better flexibility: Publication demands continuously fluctuate in the medical world. Through outsourcing, you can manage peak workflow demands in a better fashion. Instead of staffing a team of medical writers to write journal articles irregularly through the year, you can access the skills of writers only when necessary. Depending on your workflow, outsourcing can help you ramp up or ramp down your production, thereby helping you save on costs.

3. Leverage core skills: Experienced medical writers can bring a wealth of knowledge to your journals and help your present the information effectively. This is boon to smaller companies, who would otherwise not have access to such writers. Through outsourcing, your company can hire skilled medical writers who are not only experienced, but are also skilled at presenting the information to your target audience.

4. Access bundling of writing services: Usually companies look for service providers who can provide several activities for one combined price. For example, if you want to outsource the writing of your manuscripts and abstracts, you may also want editing services. Since your service provider will have several medical writers and editors on hand, you can easily avail such services. You can enjoy significant cost savings by bundling up your needs.

5. Meet your deadlines: Outsourcing is a great way to meet your deadline on time. A fast-track drug submission will require quality documents, in order to avoid rejections from the FDA. Speedy submissions can make a significant impact on your bottom line. Well-written medical documents will also reduce the time it takes to review the documents.

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