4 Ways Web Analytics Help Your Business Grow

4 Ways in Which Web Analytics Can Help Your Business Grow

Posted on July 14, 2016

Any organization which is having a website and is using its online presence to spread awareness about its offerings, needs to use web analytics tools in order to gain useful information about its visitors. More often than not, a web analytics report contains tons of valuable information which, when used intelligently can help an organization grow its business, enhance its reach, and offer a better online platform to its visitors while interacting with them in a more meaningful way.

Web analytics refer to the practice of tracking the online traffic for a particular website and then deriving evocative insights from the data to help the website gain better traction amongst its users. At the same time, most businesses do not understand the best way in which they can leverage the information gained from a web analytics report. Here are the top 4 ways in which businesses can use web analytics to grow their brand appeal and customer base –

  1. Learn How and Where Your Visitors Are Landing

    By looking at your landing page metrics, one can derive information about how the visitors are coming to your website and check the bounce rate information so as to understand what elements of your website make them go away. The information gained from these analytics can be used to perfect the content on these pages while increasing the conversion rate and decreasing the bounce.

  2. Know What Your Customers Exactly Look For On the Website

    Another vital way in which web analytics can be used is by understanding what exactly your customers look for when they land on your website. The “Site Search” data metric can be used to fetch this information and the results include the terms which people search for when they are using your website along with the information about the pages that they are visiting at a particular time. This information can then be used to add more relevant data to the site which would then drive increased traffic. This also helps in finding out lost opportunities related to product placement on the website along with the identification of additional mid-to-low funnel content.

  3. Demographics Can Be Used to Target Audiences in A Better Way

    Demographics and interest segregation related information in a web analytics report is quite useful in understanding minute audience details such as which age group makes up most of your visitors, which country they belong to, which time they prefer to visit your website, etc. This data can then be used to further improve the content on the website so as to target a particular demographic.

  4. Determine Which “Call to Actions” Are Generating the Best Results

    When you want to know about your lead generation and online conversion rates, a close analysis of call to action buttons using in-page analytics can be very beneficial. For instance, Google Analytics allows the users to check which links on a web page are getting the most clicks. This information can be used to improve other elements of the website which are not getting clicked by users, thereby driving engagement.

Web Analytics possesses immense potential in helping you determine valuable insights about your customer behavior, their likings, preferences and much more. Flatworld solutions is a quality-focused outsourcing firm that delivers exceptional web analytics services to help its clients enhance their business efficiency. If you want to know how your online visitors, prospects, and customers use your website or talk about your brand, our experienced professionals can aid you with useful insights. You can share your web analytics service requirements by writing to us and our executives will contact you.

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