4 Ways to Increase Video Editing Speed

4 Ways to Increase your Video Editing Speed

Posted on June 9, 2016

Video Editing is a time consuming task which requires the editor to stay focused for long hours in order to deliver desired results. While there is no shortcut for high quality editing as an apt amount of time needs to be spent in order to come up with a comprehensible and crisp video, there are some ways using which you can augment your video editing speed to save some valuable time.

Here are the top 4 ways in which you can leverage certain tips and tricks to increase your video editing speed and optimize your editing pipeline –

  1. Right Planning is the Key

    As soon as you begin a project, there is a deadline to be met and you are required to complete the work within the stipulated completion date. Most of us plan our editing pipeline only to meet the deadline. However, the right way to pursue the project is to set a realistic timeline for the project and its milestones. As a video editor, you should make it a point to plan properly and evaluate how much time each editing phase will take before committing to the deadline, else you will not be able to deliver the optimum result and may even take longer to complete the project.

  2. Limit your Distractions

    It is not just the video editing. Any project needs your focus and as long as you are getting distracted with other things, you will take much longer to complete the task at hand. Thus, if you are working on a video editing project, it is always a good idea to switch off the notifications on your phone and computer to stay focused at work. This way, you will be able to complete much faster while being able to focus properly on the minute details other editors might leave out.

  3. Keep the Audio Mix as the Last Task to Complete

    Mixing audio is one of the most time consuming tasks and it is always better to complete all the other tasks before moving ahead with audio mixing. Being a time intensive task, if you work on audio mixing early, it will take most of your time and you would have to rush with other more important tasks in order to complete the project on time. On the flip side, if you complete all the other activities, psychologically, you would be in a relaxed state for the project and would be able to complete audio mixing within time.

  4. Follow the Rough, Fine, and Final Cut Rule

    It is vital that you understand the significance of the three stages of video editing, namely, rough cut, fine cut, and final cut. While many video editors do not understand the significance of these three cuts and keep on merging them in order to finish the work early, in reality, not sticking to this rule can result in videos which look shoddily edited. Beginning with a rough cut gives a solid, concise, and coherent foundation to the entire video structure thereby making it easier to proceed with the fine cut, wherein more emphasis can be placed on the details of each and every cut. Thereupon, you can add sound effects and music during the final cut to ensure the whole video sports a cohesive and well-defined look.

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