4 Ways Customs Brokerage Can Help Your Business

4 Ways Customs Brokerage Can Help Your Business

Posted on July 7, 2016

Businesses are becoming increasingly competitive in today’s shrinking marketplace. Every business today targets a global audience, operates online and thus, faces stiff competition. As a result you need to be innovative with your ideas and capable of making the most from each service in order to fine tune your businesses’ performance and make sustainable profits. Customs brokerage has helped many companies conduct their business over the globe, but at the same time it is vital to understand the operations of the LOB. Therefore, when looking to deploy customs brokerage services for your business, you need to consider some vital points in order to get maximum benefit.

This post provides a deep insight into how you can leverage customs brokerage services in four innovative ways to support your business objectives and enhance your brand awareness.

  1. Seek Personalized Services

    As every business is different and their needs are unique, your customs broker must be responsive towards your needs. This is especially true when you own a small business with relatively low volume of imports and exports and you must hire a customs broker who can deliver personalized services tailored as per your business needs. Your customs broker must pay attention to minute details and offer steadfast services.

    When you work with a dedicated customs broker who understands the needs of your business and delivers tailored services that ideally match your business requisites, it can greatly help your business to reach new markets, whilst keeping compliance risks and costs low.

  2. Benefit from Cutting-edge Technology

    Investing in technology has become one of the most underlying needs for any business that wants to grow. Automation and technology can support your business objectives and are capable of delivering flawless services in a hassle free manner which is difficult to achieve from manual efforts.

    So, when you are hiring a customs broker, ensure that they use advanced technology systems designed for customs brokerage operations. Such systems help in increasing your efficiency, reducing the non-compliance risk and helps in overall cost control. Some of the technology based systems which can help you in customs brokerage include EDI (electronic Data Interchange), FTP (File Transfer Protocol), e-Billing options, proprietary imaging solutions and many more.

  3. Look for Expert Advice

    Always hire an experienced customs broker or customs brokerage firm that can help you with expert advice whenever you need it. Your chosen customs brokerage firm must be able to guide you on proper customs tariffs, customs regulations, classifications, valuations, and much more.

    Thus, when you are zeroing down on which customs brokerage firm to associate with, ensure you glance over their portfolio to make sure they have a genuine list of their clients.

  4. Enhance Your Reach

    Every business that wants to grow needs to enhance its reach, explore newer markets and present its products in front of its customers. So, it is always wise for a firm to get associated with a customs broker who can help them augment their business operations and reach out to wider audiences globally. A customs brokerage firm with a presence at multiple geographical locations can be greatly beneficial in such cases.

Flatworld Solutions is a trusted name in when it comes to end-to-end customs brokerage outsourcing services. It offers an array of services in this niche; including B3 form Process Building, NAFTA Verification, Harmonized System Classification and many more. If you are seeking any of these services or other brokerage related services, you can leave your query or questions in the form of a comment below and our executives will contact you in as short a time as possible.

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