4 Market Research Tips for Small Businesses

4 Market Research Tips for Small Businesses

Posted on February 8, 2018

We already know how valuable market research is to the evolution and growth of any business or venture, be it a multinational or a startup. However, conducting thorough market research can be overwhelming, especially determining how to conduct the research and what parameters to use. To keep your confusions at bay, we have listed four pointers which can help you simplify ‘market research’. So, read on to soar your business earnings.

4 Market Research Tips You Should Not Miss

  1. Define your Goal

    Remember when you were a kid and asked to write the objective of the experiment you’d carry out? Similarly, any research – be it scientific or market begins with defining the goal. So, understand what is the motive behind carrying out this research? Are you looking towards increasing your sales? Or do you want more leads or traffic? Do you wish to convert your one-time customer into a regular customer? Figure this out and you’ll find yourself getting better with the collection of date. All your research, observations and conclusions will then be aligned with your objective.

  2. Know your Target Audience

    The essential point to keep in mind is that your company attends to a clientele or a target audience. Defining your target audience has many benefits such as helping you comprehend what type of terminology or brand tone to use when developing your marketing and advertising content/material. It also helps you understand the way to approach your clients. For example, dealing with a 40-year old businessman is going to be so much different than selling your product to a 19-year old teenager. This will also help you align marketing objectives of your services and products.

    Collect this information through monitoring and by studying the type of consumers who frequently use your product or services. You could start off with knowing their age, income, marital status, and education degree to understand their psyche.

  3. Understand Whom You Don’t Serve

    It is absolutely fine to decide on who isn’t component of your intended customer base. For smaller companies knowing who they do not cater to could be crucial to helping then develop and progress in a better manner. If you are less in number, it’s better to connect deeply with a section of the marketplace. Concentrate your efforts on the ideal client who is forced to shell out money on your deal. If you are spreading yourself thin by attempting to be everything to everybody, you may only dilute your goal.

  4. Know your Competitors Well: Learn from Them. Imbibe from Them

    This works for pretty much everyone, be it a brick and mortar company or the new age internet businesses. It permits you to look from the client’s perspective and open a new outlook or a viewpoint for your company. Visit your competitor, browse through their website, go through it and understand what they have and you lack and probably you would find that one factor which makes audience choose them over you. Use their services and products to know what you need to implement in yours!

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