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Top Things to Consider During Alexa Skill Development

Top Things to Consider During Alexa Skill Development

Posted on March 26, 2020

A digital voice assistant is much more helpful than a person realizes and in today’s digitized world, it serves a multitude of purposes. A voice assistant can set a reminder for you, plan out your entire day, can get your food ordered, and much more depending on how much of your life is dependent on the net. A voice assistant is a lot quicker than an app and completes the task with more ease. All these are the reasons why voice assistants will be the next revolution, part of which is already starting to fructify. Among the various voice assistants out there in the market, Alexa, Amazon’s digital voice assistant has a lion’s share of the market, and it is showing no signs of slowing down with voice assistants becoming more and more popular. Various other devices can work with Alexa along with the echo devices.

This popularity is the reason why building a skill especially for Alexa should be the next thing on your to-do list. For the development of an Alexa Skill, these are the top things you should consider:

  1. Build the idea
    The first step is the all-important step. Take the idea you have and start building upon it. Take baby steps if you need to, but identify the skills you will require and start documenting all the necessary details and nuances to keep in mind.
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How Will AI Transform the Market Research Industry?

How Will AI Transform the Market Research Industry?

Posted on March 19, 2020

Artificial Intelligence or AI as we know it has already revolutionized the entire market with a wide variety of its uses in different fields of our daily lives starting right from our mobile phones to social media, and marketing and commerce. The feedback that we have been getting from the market concerning artificial intelligence has been so far so good, and this invention has democratized into many more fields in the coming years eventually. With a lot of space for expanding the growth as well as making the AI algorithms more ‘intelligent’, we can have a myriad of choices to implement the use of artificial intelligence. Some of the best results in the implementation of this are as follows:

  1. Detection of fake news
    The first and foremost thing that destroys market research is fake news or fraudulent news. These lead to incorrect data and mismanagement of indicators which determines the precision with which the data is handled. Many clients want clean and accurate data and this would be a major blow to those.
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Top Benefits of Desktop Publishing

Top Benefits of Desktop Publishing

Posted on March 12, 2020

By choosing Desktop Publishing (DTP) as a method, it indicates the entry into the competitive world. It is a process of document creation by using the software of page layout on a desktop computer. It is used for the production of newspapers, journals, magazines, and other marketing materials. Not only does this software print publication but it is also now used in various online content creation. The application of Desktop Publishing allows to maintain the level-headedness in the forum of business and thereby, generating more sales.

In an ever-increasing demand of the business world’s visual sector, this software can make various typefaces as well as margins easy while inserting illustrations and graphics with the involvement of images. Here, users can create, alter and edit page layouts. This application makes text formatting, as well as typesetting, accomplish smoothly.

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Key Benefits of Software Integration Testing

Key Benefits of Software Integration Testing

Posted on March 5, 2020

Software Integration Testing is a kind of process which involves testing some particular modules where a contribution is made by two or more applications as an entire unit or other applications’ modules. This kind of testing ensures whether the applications have the capability of functioning in a smooth way through assimilation as well as communication established by each other. The testing comes in two different categories – black box and white box – where either is used depending specifically on the contribution level provided by other applications that are involved.

There are generally four types of Integration Testing –

  • Big Bang Approach – Testing is done through coupling.
  • Bottom-Up Approach – Testing is done in the method of low to high levels.
  • Top-Down Approach – Testing is done from higher to lower levels.
  • Hybrid Approach – Bottom-Up and Top-Down Approaches are combined together.

Advantages of Using Software Integration Testing

People working in the IT industries are aware of the consistent changes which frequently occur. Developing a complex software system requires Software Integration Testing along with its required approaches.

  1. Big Bang Approach

    • Convenient for small applications.
    • Easy detection of faulty bugs.
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