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Key Benefits of Ionic App Development

Key Benefits of Ionic App Development

Posted on January 30, 2020

Hybrid Applications are, without a second thought, the best for the vast range of services they offer and their compatibility with all platforms.
For the development of these hybrid applications, the ionic framework is mostly used for its intuitive features.

For the unacquainted, Ionic is an open-source development framework of HTML5 and is used for developing mobile-based hybrid applications.

Check out the benefits of using Ionic platforms-

  • Open-source
    The ionic framework is open source which makes it accessible for most of the developers. The community of this framework is also pretty huge which makes it very helpful to counter any problems occurred during app development.
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What is Underground Utility Mapping and Why Is It Beneficial?

What is Underground Utility Mapping and Why Is It Beneficial?

Posted on January 23, 2020

When the open cut surveys prove insufficient, high precision and knowledge are required to detect sensitive aspects relating to electricity or gas and thus avoid any kind of physical damage. Underground Utility Mapping is the service, most sought after by various government bodies as well as PWDs.

Underground Utility Survey Mapping and its Benefits

Is your organization failing to implement the most suitable infrastructure? Or is it unable to maintain the same efficiently? Unaffordability of resources can also add up to that.

What is more generous is to implement an outsourced engineering service to match up with the modern market needs. This could be very beneficial in executing an underground utility survey in a more skilled and effective manner.

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