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How is Blockchain Changing the Future of Internet of Things?

Posted on August 30, 2018

With Blockchain and Internet of Things gaining widespread acceptance, the technological world seems to be converging once again. Today, we have experienced the use-cases of both these disruptive technologies, separately. The prominence of IoT is bringing the much-awaited technology revolution to the electronic objects and their connectivity. IoT has a much closer impact on our daily lives and it is expected that by the end of the year 2020 around 20 billion devices will be connected to work in unison.

Gone are the days when just our phones were smart. This is the world of smartwatches, smart cars, smart homes and other smart devices. What was once called an embedded internet back in 1999, in a small experiment, has become a revolution at present. But with IoT creeping into our devices everywhere, the chances of data being compromised are becoming higher and this is where Blockchain seems to plug-in the data leak points.

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Importance of Promotional Material for any Business

Importance of Promotional Material for any Business

Posted on August 23, 2018

Every business comes either with its suite of products or services to be consumed by the clients. Promotion or marketing is a hard fact of the business world as no business can thrive without it. The era from when the business promotion was established as a potential channel to drive sales, the entire fraternity has been devising entirely low-cost and high impact promotional materials.

A start-up, a medium scale business, or a global enterprise, all go after promotional business material. If you are not doing so, you are losing an edge of your business to your competitors. Let’s look at how promotional products are important for a business:

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How Can Competitive Business Analysis Help in Strategic Planning

How can Competitive Business Analysis Help in Strategic Planning?

Posted on August 16, 2018

No business works in solace and never does a business idea remain unique for long. In this highly competitive environment, it becomes essential to assess the competitor if a business wants to thrive. It has always remained a very important aspect of the business strategy development. The businesses who tend to ignore the competition tend to go way out of the league and the ones who just copy their competitors succumb under the pressure of their competition and lose their identity.

Running a direct and indirect competitor analysis helps businesses drive a unique product or strategy. It helps business identify:

  1. Competitive advantages or disadvantages of their set of products and services
  2. Assess the future of the product or services by understanding the past and present strategies of the competitors
  3. Take informed decisions and take a competitive lead against the existing and budding competitors
  4. Helps business price the product appropriately to garner interest and benefits the customers at the same time

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Top Cryptocurrencies Which Are Gaining Popularity

Top Cryptocurrencies Which are Gaining Popularity

Posted on August 9, 2018

With the advancement of the technology front, blockchain and various cryptocurrencies are gaining huge popularity. Despite witnessing the bearish trend in 2018, the concepts behind a few strong market players in cryptocurrency are so impactful that they keep soaring in popularity.

Decentralization is innovatively used to bring around an unregulated environment that is private, anonymous, and secure enough. The top cryptocurrencies of 2018 predominantly are:

  1. Bitcoin (BTC)

    Popularly known as the gold-bearer of cryptocurrencies, development of Bitcoin was a historic event and it garners the first mover’s advantage. Owing to the increasing global financial crises, the Bitcoin value has been increasing strikingly. Starting from a value of $1, the Bitcoin prices have soared to $15K in 2017. The Bitcoin ecosystem is very strong and is evolving continuously. With the latest addition of Bitcoin Lightning Network that allows iApps development for more mainstream usages, Bitcoin is making it use-case-based as well as a store of value currency.

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Top Pharmacy Management Software Trends

Top Pharmacy Management Software Trends

Posted on August 2, 2018

If there is an industry that has benefited the most from technology advancements in software, it is the medical industry and especially the pharmacy. With the growing trend of online migration and increasing sales, pharmacies require potent management solutions to keep track of the deliveries, stock and staying updated with any regulatory changes.

Some of the top trends in pharmacy management software are listed here.

  1. Software that derives value out of the data

    If you are a single pharmacy or a chain of pharmacy stores, you must be having a tremendous amount of data that is just lying around. This data could be turned out to be very useful for your growth and better branding. The management software embedded with a data analytics program will allow you to make a better decision with all the financial data, customer data, and clinical data you received from every pharmacy unit under your umbrella. The data can help you monitor how your customers are behaving and what changes on your end will impact their buying decisions and effectively bring you closer to manage your stores financially well.

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