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Everything You Need to Know About Edge Analytics

Everything You Need to Know About Edge Analytics

Posted on July 26, 2018

Whether you are a technology enthusiast or not, you must have heard of the term IoT (Internet of Things)? It is a trend that has caught up to our lives and soon we are going to witness a significant change in using smart devices as they will all be smartly connected.

The prime fuel to the IoT ecosystem is the data from the devices that are being managed by edge analytics. Edge Analytics goes beyond just collecting data from the source of its production and is more about the data being processed so that IoT can use it more effectively for better operations. This collected data is then processed, making IoT independent of internet access at all times.

Hence, effectively, with edge analytics in place, IoT devices can use data every time.

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Why is Xamarin a Favored Mobile App Development Platform

Why is Xamarin the Most Favored Mobile App Development Platform?

Posted on July 19, 2018

Incepting out of a reputed family, Microsoft Xamarin has already bagged a good share of 1.12% of the total market share in app development. Even though it is just 2 years old, Xamarin has become a choice for a lot of hybrid app developers. Currently, 40% of the top applications are running on Xamarin making it a highly progressive platform for growth of cross-platform apps.

The unique selling point of Xamarin is that it utilizes local APIs. These APIs make the user interface of the cross-platform apps highly engaging as the ordering is done using the local code. The user interface is a crucial part of the development of a cross-platform app as this is where the user can differentiate it from the native app experience. Xamarin operational excellence in using APIs covers up the existence of a non-native app and makes the user feel as if they are using a native application instead.

There are various other factors that have led to the popularity of Xamarin as a very potent solution, let’s look at the same below:

  1. Use C++ to Develop Apps on Xamarin

    An advantage of Xamarin is that developers need not learn a new language to cover up the app development of Android, iOS, and Windows platform in one go. C++ has remained a highly popular programming language for apps and Xamarin users can harness their existing hold of C++ to develop intuitive and usable apps.

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Top Graphic Design Predictions to Watch Out For

Top Graphics Design Predictions to Watch Out For

Posted on July 12, 2018

Visual impressions are everlasting and that is why 2018 is witnessing quite some changes in the graphic design landscape. The core essence of graphic designing is to stay innovative and experiment. It is important to keep up with the trends and that is why this guide brings you the latest designing trends that will garner a lot of attention and create the impressions you desire.

Some of the top graphic designs trends to watch out for include:

  1. Glitch Art

    Art has no limits in terms of its creative bend, and that is when we find a corrupted-looking image making waves in the graphic design world. In this form of design, the original image is physically manipulated using designing software that renders an incredibly distorted look to the image.

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How is Margin Compression Affecting the Mortgage Industry

How is Profit Margin Compression Affecting the Mortgage Industry?

Posted on July 5, 2018

2018 will not be a rosy year for mortgage executives. Over the last few years, the mortgage industry has revived the recession challenges but the profit margin compression still poses a big challenge to the executives. The interest rates have gone lower than expected and the market has not recovered from the loss it suffered at the time of recession.

Even though there has been a significant increase in the mortgage lenders, the profit margin is lower than what the mortgage executive need to sustain. A plethora of regulatory policies have been implemented to make the sustainability even more difficult.

There are multiple factors that are affecting the profit margins and leading to a compression in the same. Some of them being the regulatory changes and a substantial increase in the compliance costs. A lot of surveys have been conducted by government bodies to dig out the root causes of profit margin compression leading to the solvency of mortgage executives.

  • Regulatory Issue

    The mortgage industry was hard hit by the recession and has been hardly able to revive since then. It was the right step by the government to bring in more stringent policies to control the undesired inflammation in the profit margins that was being enjoyed by mortgage executives. A significant increase in due diligence and technology control over the mortgage workflow has led to a crushing fall in profit margins.

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