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OCR – The Solution to Inaccurate Data Entry

OCR – The Solution to Inaccurate Data Entry

Posted on April 25, 2014

Does your organization have loads of important documents that need to get converted into soft copies? If yes, you can try out Optical Character Recognition (OCR).   In OCR data entry, machines will be used to read text from paper and then convert them into accurate soft copies.

When compared with manual data entry, an OCR service can help you make huge savings on cost, time and effort. Only an OCR service can help you reduce cost and give you quick access to any information. Moreover, once your data is converted into soft copies, you can easily store, edit or retrieve information at the touch of a button.

7 Advantages of Using OCR for your Data

  1. Increase the usability of the data stored in journals and books by converting them into an electronic format
  2. Convert any type of manually written document into soft copies which can be easily shared or retrieved
  3. When compared to other data capturing methods like keystrokes, OCR can capture data from image files at a faster rate
  4. Convert your information into printable electronic formats at an affordable price
  5. Reduce data entry errors through OCR and OCR clean-up services
  6. Make your business activities simple and easy, with accurate data at your fingertips
  7. Handle large piles of data during peak loads with ease Continue reading

5 Ways to Increase your Business Profitability

Posted on April 19, 2014

You want to move your business forward and get ahead of your competitors. You want to increase your profits, while cutting down on cost. You want to make an impact in the competitive business market. Don’t know how to achieve these impossible feats? Read on to find out five ways through which you can catapult your business profitability.

1. Reduce costs: Start by reducing cost, not just in your expenses, but also to your vendors and suppliers. Try to renegotiate with your suppliers and vendors and come up with a rate that will be profitable to you. Review and analyze all your systems and processes in detail. If the results show that the manpower cost is too high, you can try to automate a few of your business functions. Through automation, you can ensure accurate results in cost-related functions and even streamline your business operations. It is integral to keep a constant watch on the competitor pricing. Make sure that you complement your services with value added products/services for your customers.

2. Keep an eye on productivity: Productivity is something that you must keep a constant eye on. Check for issues and problems that are hampering your productivity and solve them. Remember to include key performance indicators like staff costs, margins and forecasts amongst others to ensure higher profitability and greater productivity.

3. Boost your turnover: There are several ways by which you can increase your turnover. You can start by pursuing new sales and business development. You can also minimize your current expenses and cost of production by analyzing your existing production and coming up with new plans. Continue reading

10 Guidelines to Successfully Outsource Telemarketing

10 Guidelines On How To Successfully Outsource Telemarketing

Posted on April 12, 2014

Are you on the verge of outsourcing telemarketing? If yes, ensure that you choose a service provider who understands your market, your services/products and your sale objectives. Use this ten step guide to choose the right telemarketing company and plan an effective telemarketing campaign.

1. Make sure that telemarketing is right for you: The fact is that telemarketing will not work if it is inappropriate for the product that you are trying to sell, your market or for your organization’s structure. Ask yourself if you can follow leads right away with the number of resources that you have. You will also need to remember that telemarketing is not only about making calls. A telemarketing service provider can also help you re-contact old customers and follow-up on customers from industry events/conferences.

2. Integrate telemarketing into your existing sales process: Your customers will respond more if you are not a complete stranger to them. Make sure to use telemarketing, along with other activities like tweets, LinkedIn updates and email newsletters.

3. Plan out the telemarketing campaign: Define your objectives for every call. Do you want to speak right away to the key decision maker? Do you want to spark an interest in your product and call back later for an appointment. By asking yourself such questions, you will be able to get the most out of each call.

4. Select a telemarketing company: If you have decided on outsourcing telemarketing, the next step will be to choose a telemarketing company who thoroughly understands your expected targets, sales objects, product/services and processes. Choose a provider who will be an apt ambassador for your company. A good tip is to choose a company that follows a call structure instead of a script. Continue reading

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll Processing to an Expert

Posted on April 5, 2014

Actionable Research recently conducted a survey on CPAs. Over 75% of CPAs felt that their clients do not have the required expertise to handle the intricacies of payroll processing. 68% suggested that their clients can outsource payroll and utilize their time on the other demands of their business.

In the past, businesses have handled payroll processing internally through in-house bookkeeping, manual bookkeeping or payroll software. However, with outsourcing coming into the picture, more and more businesses now prefer the expertise that a professional payroll service provider can offer. By outsourcing payroll, companies have been able to focus more on the strategies and processes that directly affect the welfare of their business.

Here are five reasons why several business owners find it more advantageous to outsource payroll:

1. Stay compliant with government regulations

Mistakes in payroll are costly, as errors can lead to severe penalties and audits. This is a situation that no business wants to face. According to a recent IRS estimate, every year, more that 40% of businesses in the United States pay heavy penalties that cost over $800. The penalties are usually for incorrect/late payments and filings. Another problem is that government regulations and rules are always being altered and it is difficult for businesses to keep up. On the other hand, your payroll service provider will always be up-to-date with the latest changes in tax rates, regulations and rules.

2. Save on time

Even if your business employs a large number of people, attending to in-house payroll processing can steal away a countless number of hours. As you might already know, a pay period is followed by another pay period, and each time you have to input a large amount of data. Later, you have to spend time double-checking for any errors. Payroll processing can take away time, that can be otherwise spent on other important activities, like customer relationship management. By outsourcing, you will only need to contact your customer service representative once during each pay period. Continue reading