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Take your Pick from 3 Simple & Quick Transcription Processes

Posted on March 28, 2014

Have tedious transcription processes stopped you from outsourcing transcription? Now you can say goodbye to such worries when you outsource transcription to Flatworld Solutions. Whether you require transcription for your videos, audio recordings, voicemail, research, seminars or meetings, our transcription processes are quick, easy and simple-to-use.

As our customers, you have the freedom to choose from three types of transcription processes, namely Regular Transcription, Web-Based Transcription and Remote Login Transcription. Based on your volume of work or business requirements, you can opt for a process that best suits your needs.

1. Regular transcription

  • You upload your audio files onto our secure FTP server
  • Our project manager will download your audio files and assign them to our team of skilled transcribers
  • The audio files will be accurately transcribed and then sent through a tedious quality assurance process, where our proof readers will check the transcribed files for inaccuracies
  • The 100% accurate transcribed files will be emailed to you or uploaded onto your FTP site Continue reading

Get an Expert HVAC Design & Layout by Outsourcing

Posted on March 23, 2014

Are you currently on a retail, industrial or utility building assignment? Whatever be the type of building project that you are handling, you would most likely need HVAC services (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning).  Did you know that you can now outsource HVAC services in its entirety?

Right from designing to detailing and then drafting, an engineering service provider in India can provide you with a customized HVAC 2D design and detailing layout. When you outsource HVAC services, you will get access to a team of skilled virtual engineers who will accurately design the plumbing, electrical and duct layout of your structure, according to your exact specifications.

You need not have any worries about the quality of the final design, as engineering service providers like Flatworld Solutions ensure that the every HVAC layout is aptly designed to offer the building’s occupants with maximum comfort, accurate temperature control and air-flow.

5 great reasons to outsource HVAC services

  1. Get an expert HVAC design plan and layout for any type of heating, cooling or ducting system. You can even avail HVAC services for a wide range of utility systems.
  2. Engineering service providers use the latest in technology, such as steam, cold water and hot water to create efficient piping layouts for multi-level structures.
  3. You can avail customized HVAC services for your type of industry, whether you belong to the commercial, residential or retail industry
  4. Be sure of adhering to internal standards of quality in your HVAC project
  5. Get your HAVC project completed on time at a cost-effective price Continue reading

How to Compress Audio Files for Transcription?

Posted on March 14, 2014

Have you just recorded a meeting, a conference call or a seminar? Now you want to get your file transcribed, but you are having trouble with compressing the audio file and uploading it. This is understandable, especially since audio files are very large in size. In order to easily upload your audio file for transcription, the file size should be 128 bits or lower.

There are three options that you can choose from, when it comes to compressing an audio files:

1. Sync DropBox with the portal of your service provider: If you have more than one audio file to upload or if your audio file is excessively large, you can use Dropbox to help you. All you have to do is sync Dropbox with the customer portal of your transcription service provider. Once this is done, the portal can easily grab the audio file.

2. Use Windows Media Player / Apple itunes: Don’t have Dropbox? Or maybe you want to directly upload files from your PC? If yes, then you can use Apple’s iTunes or Windows Media Player to rip and compress your audio files. Both these players have the capability to automatically rip and compress files when an audio file is imported. You can also easily upload the audio files directly from any of these programs or re-save them into their original folder. This method of compressing is also fast and simple, as you can drag and drop several files at a time. Continue reading

How to Find Out Product will be Succeed through Market Research

How to Find Out If a Product Will Succeed through Market Research?

Posted on March 8, 2014

Market research is the first step in the marketing process, after the ideas of a product are conceived.  Businesses conduct market research to gain information about the marketplace, solve problems, find out about competitors and evaluate the wants/needs of non-paying customers and consumers.  Market researchers then analyze this data and create appropriate marketing strategies.

Is your company on the verge of releasing a new product or service into the market? Do you want to know if the product/service will be a success? If yes, then you can use any of the four types of market research methods to find out.

1. Use focus groups to find out what’s popular in the market

Focus groups (six to ten people) are usually carried out at focus group facilities, with special one-way mirrors, so that your manager can listen to your customer’s feedback about your services/product. The focus group is usually run by a moderator who asks around 5 to 10 questions about your product/service. Questioning your customers about new products, how much they would be willing to pay and if they would buy it can help you customize your product according to the likes of your target audience.

2. Observe consumer usage and likes via one-on-one interviews

These interviews are conducted with one person, instead of a group. Your manager can use such interviews to closely watch how a person actually uses your product. For example, if your product is a new SmartPhone, you can test it out on an individual and observe how they are using it, behind a one-way mirror. Later, you can interview the person and find out what they liked or disliked about your product. Based on such consumer usage, you can tweak your product. Continue reading