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Outsourcing can Assure you of Fast & Accurate Claims

Posted on November 30, 2012

Is your insurance organization suffering from improper claims adjudication processes that are resulting in erroneous or fraudulent claims? Or maybe you have improperly processed genuine claims and now have to face litigations.  The best way for your organization to get out of such a tight spot is to outsource claims adjudication to India.

Tons of impending unprocessed claims can leave you and your staff overloaded, tired and stressed. Instead of struggling with your claims in-house, you can opt for outsourcing. A professional service provider in India can seamlessly handle your entire process in a streamlined manner and complete your claims quickly and accurately. With outsourcing, you can get rid of operational bottlenecks and administrative overheads. At the same time, you can also make huge cost savings.

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7 Benefits of Outsourcing Healthcare Services to India

Posted on November 23, 2012

Did you know that India is the most sought after outsourcing destination for healthcare services? Indian healthcare services providers are equipped with the latest technology, software and healthcare know-how to provide services that are on par with international healthcare standards. India is one of the few nations that conducts healthcare outsourcing services with optimum quality and at a very affordable cost. Here are some key outsourcing benefits that your hospital or clinic can enjoy by outsourcing to India:

1. Maximum profit margin at a minimal cost

Outsourcing healthcare services like medical coding, medical animation, medical transcription, claims adjudication and medical illustration to India can prove to be extremely beneficial for your hospital, as you can save a whopping 60% on your current cost.

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Ten Golden Rules for a Successful Outsourcing Venture

Posted on November 16, 2012

Have your past experiences in outsourcing turned out to be unsuccessful? Then what you need may be a few golden rules on the business of outsourcing to help you experience a winning outsourcing deal. Martyn Hart, Chairman of the National Outsourcing Association and Outsourcing and Communication Expert recently shared ten rules for a successful outsourcing deal. Here’s a gist of the rules:

Rule 1: Most outsourcers make the mistake of thinking that outsourcing is about technology, tools used or methods. But in reality, outsourcing is more about people than anything else. So putting people first on your list of priorities can give you great start in your outsourcing deal.

Rule 2: Outsourcing is not completely simple or easy. Since outsourcing involves a lot of changes both to your company as well as the vendor, you may be prepared to face a certain level of difficulty. It is best to be very realistic about your goals, benefits, and the promised timescale. This will be keep you from getting disappointed.

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The World’s Top Six Outsourcing Destinations are in India!

Posted on November 9, 2012

Even after years of outsourcing and rising competition, India continues to reign as the most preferred outsourcing location. Currently six Indian cities are among the world’s top eight global locations for outsourcing IT and ITES services. The city of Bangalore is at the number one position, closely followed by Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune. These Indian cities are the top six on the list followed by Manila and Dublin.  Curious to know what has made these Indian cities so attractive for outsourcing?  Here are some reasons:

1. Bangalore

  • Bangalore has been able to retain its top position among other global outsourcing destinations for the fourth consecutive year
  • The presence of big service providers like Infosys, Wipro, TCS, Intel, Microsoft, Cisco, Yahoo, Google, HP, Oracle and Sap amongst others have attracted a lot of business and foreign investment
  • The city of Bangalore currently rules as the number one destination for BPO and ITO services

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