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Make Sense of your Data with Data Mining Services

Posted on September 28, 2012

As your business expands, you will soon realise that your raw data too is growing, leaving your staff with no time to sift through it. Data mining can come to aid and provide you with the information you want to analyze your profit / sales, competitors and budget amongst others. Data mining is the process of going through raw data to make sense of it and use it for the benefit of your business. Data mining involves the process of classifying, clustering and regression of data by using data mining tools and technology.

If data mining is not one of your core strengths, then it may be difficult to conduct data mining in-house. Data mining is also time-consuming, tedious and expensive and can take your focus away from your core business functions. A solution to such problems can be outsourcing. Outsourcing data mining to a professional service provider can be a wise decision, as it will be help you save on cost, time and effort, while giving you access to expert data miners.

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Stay accessible to customers even after business hours with IVR services

Stay accessible to customers even after business hours with IVR services

Posted on September 21, 2012

Your company has recently released a new product or service and now your executives have to deal with an increased number of customer calls. Your customers want to know more details about your product, get support or place an order over the telephone. You have to now manage the increase in customer calls with your existing staff.

You are unable to provide 24/7 support and are wondering if you need to hire new resources and invest in expensive infrastructure. Meanwhile, your current overworked employees are asking you for increase in salary. Looking for a possible solution to all of the above problems? IVR or Interactive Voice Response can be the answer you are looking for.

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7 Outsourcing Advantages You Didn’t Know About

Posted on September 14, 2012

Contrary to popular belief, cost-effective services are only one of the many and not the only advantage that outsourcing offers.  Apart from helping you save money, outsourcing can also help your company grow. Here is a list of seven outsourcing advantages that go beyond money.

1. Shift the focus back on core activities
With the expansion of your company, have you been guilty of ignoring business-critical functions, to accommodate demanding back-office operations? Handling all your back-office operations in-house can consume both finance and resources, thereby shifting the focus away from core activities. Outsourcing such non-core activities can help you refocus on business growth, without sacrificing quality in your back-office.

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Five Tips to Help you Find an Ideal Outsourcing Location

Posted on September 7, 2012

You have read a lot about outsourcing and its manifold benefits. You are convinced that offshoring can help your company combat market challenges like business competition, globalization and advancements in technology. Apart from such advantages, you are aware that outsourcing is an economical way to cut back on production and operation cost.

But now you are confused on how to choose the most ideal location for your business. Will it be India, China or The Philippines? Should you choose a location only based on low cost or should you look for skill sets? Here are five tips that you can use wile scanning through a list of possible outsourcing locations.

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