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Top 3 Outsourcing Destinations to Watch Out for

Posted on August 27, 2012

1. Argentina

The Latin American country of Argentina is fast becoming a popular outsourcing destination among global companies. Many UK firms are currently outsourcing to Argentina, because the country has low market and labor costs. Argentina also has a large literate and tech-savvy labor pool of workers that are skilled in both IT and in Spanish / English. You can easily hire any number of programmers for an affordable cost in Argentina. This country also boasts of a robust telecom network and large supply of office space.

The cultural similarities between Argentina and the west have made it an attractive offshore destination. However, Argentina’s government has not sufficiently supported or developed the country’s IT outsourcing sector. In the past, Argentina has also gone through several economic problems like budget deficits, external debt, inflation and capital flight.

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Top Five Benefits of Outsourcing Data entry

Posted on August 22, 2012

Can you imagine all that your staff can accomplish if they did not have to take care of mundane and repetitive data entry work? Though data entry tasks are necessary for every business, they can take your focus away from your core business functions and leave you with no time for business-critical work. Data entry outsourcing is the answer to this common problem faced by most global companies trying to make a mark in the competitive world of business.

By outsourcing data entry services to India, you and your staff can channel precious time and effort into building up your business. Here are the top five benefits of outsourcing data entry functions to India:

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What you need to know about HR Outsourcing

Posted on August 17, 2012

Whatever be your organization’s HR (Human Resource) requirements, you can find an HR outsourcing company to meet your specific needs. There are mainly two types of HR outsourcing firms. While some HR outsourcing firms are generalists and offer an entire gamut of HR services, there are other firms who are specialists and stick to specific HR areas, such as recruiting or payroll processing.  Depending on how much control you want to have over your HR processes and the size of your business, you can decide to outsource all your HR functions or only outsource a few specific HR services.

Services offered by HR outsourcing firms

Here is a list of some of the basic services that an HR outsourcing firm can handle:

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It’s Time your Hospital Outsourced Teleradiology

Posted on August 10, 2012

Can you imagine a radiologist in India reporting on a CAT scan that was just executed seconds ago in the emergency room of a hospital in Arizona? This is what outsourcing can achieve today. Teleradiology has become the need of the hour with hospitals in the US facing a lack of radiologists to cater to the ever rising number of image scans. Over the next five years, the Indian healthcare imaging market is anticipated to double its revenue from the existing $350 million.  As of 2012, India has accounted for 68.6 per cent of the world’s health imaging market, says a recent report from Tekplus.

What is teleradiology and how does it work?

Teleradiology is the process of transmitting CTs, MRIs, X-rays and other radiological images electronically from one location to another location for the purpose of consultation and interpretation. Digital images are electronically transmitted to an offshore location by employing a satellite connection, WAN or a telephone line.

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Have You Thought About Content Outsourcing?

Posted on August 3, 2012

Did you know that your company can rank better on search engines with quality content? Since hiring in-house content writers to write quality content, is expensive, most growing businesses do nothing about their company’s content. If your business is facing such a dilemma, its time you gave a thought about outsourcing content development to India. Apart from getting access to quality content at an affordable cost, your company can also benefit from:

  • Higher rankings in popular search engines for all the terms your target audience is looking for
  • New and informative articles on themes and topics relevant to your business
  • Enhancement of your existing content to make it rank higher on search engines for keywords
  • Regular, interesting and engaging blog posts
  • Effective press releases about your company
  • Regular addition of keyword-rich articles on your site

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