11 Essential Traits That Your Customer Support Executives Must Possess

Posted on March 21, 2015

Do you know the secret behind a successful call center? It is your customer support executives.  Find out the 11 essential traits that your agents must possess. 

The current age is often referred to as the “age of the customer”. To be a hit with your customer, you will need to transform your call center into an action center that is focussed on meeting and often exceeding the expectations of your customers.

A recent report stated that 31% of all companies look closely at the quality of their customer support interactions that take place every day in their call center. Around 30% of companies reward their employees who deliver quality customer services. Here are some more surprising facts:

  • 86% customers are more likely to make a purchase of a product/service after a good customer service experience
  • 58% of companies do not invest on training
  • 13% of customers will share their disappointment with a bad customer support experience with 20 others
  • 15% of customers will cut ties with a company that provides poor customer service
  • 90% of US customers still wish to resolve issues over the phone

These facts prove that companies are ignoring customer support, while in reality customer services need to be at the heart of the business strategy of any company.
How do you guarantee better customer retention, loyalty and sales? The key does not lie in the amount that you invest in call center technology or the processes and systems that you follow. The key lies in how effectively your executives are connecting with your valuable customers. Here are eleven traits that you must look for while choosing your customer support agents:

  1. Confidence in their abilities and in the product/service they are selling
  2. Comfortable with people and possessing good people skills
  3. Ability to recognize patters and make quick strategic adjustments to prove the best customer support
  4. A stellar memory which memorizes facts about the product/service
  5. Capability in sharing information as per the customer’s needs, interest level and reactions
  6. Ability to self assess and adapt to the requirements of the customer
  7. Ability to empathize with the customer’s viewpoints, needs and problems
  8. Open towards continuous training and feedback
  9. Quick responses to the questions and concerns raised by customers
  10. Capability to understand when a call has to be escalated
  11. Ability to function in a stressful environment and keep facilitating a high volume of calls

Try Outsourcing

Have you been unable to find customer support executives that posses the above skill sets? Why not try outsourcing? Through outsourcing, you can get access to skilled, experienced and trained call center agents who can provide your valuable customers with exceptional services. Read more about the customer services that you can outsource.

What do think is the most valuable trait of a customer support executive? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below. We, at Flatworld Solutions love to hear from you!

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