10 Guidelines to Successfully Outsource Telemarketing

10 Guidelines On How To Successfully Outsource Telemarketing

Posted on April 12, 2014

Are you on the verge of outsourcing telemarketing? If yes, ensure that you choose a service provider who understands your market, your services/products and your sale objectives. Use this ten step guide to choose the right telemarketing company and plan an effective telemarketing campaign.

1. Make sure that telemarketing is right for you: The fact is that telemarketing will not work if it is inappropriate for the product that you are trying to sell, your market or for your organization’s structure. Ask yourself if you can follow leads right away with the number of resources that you have. You will also need to remember that telemarketing is not only about making calls. A telemarketing service provider can also help you re-contact old customers and follow-up on customers from industry events/conferences.

2. Integrate telemarketing into your existing sales process: Your customers will respond more if you are not a complete stranger to them. Make sure to use telemarketing, along with other activities like tweets, LinkedIn updates and email newsletters.

3. Plan out the telemarketing campaign: Define your objectives for every call. Do you want to speak right away to the key decision maker? Do you want to spark an interest in your product and call back later for an appointment. By asking yourself such questions, you will be able to get the most out of each call.

4. Select a telemarketing company: If you have decided on outsourcing telemarketing, the next step will be to choose a telemarketing company who thoroughly understands your expected targets, sales objects, product/services and processes. Choose a provider who will be an apt ambassador for your company. A good tip is to choose a company that follows a call structure instead of a script.

5. Provide an effective brief: Meet up with the telemarketing company and decide on your target market, points of contacts, the expected criteria for attractive leads and the call approach that will be used. You will also need to set a weekly/monthly target, agree on a sales report format and provide access to your sales database.

6. Run a pilot: Running a pilot, can give you the assurance that the company you have chosen is the right service provider for you. To make the pilot effective, communicate closely with the service provider and make sure that you address their issues/questions. This way, you can iron out issues before the actually telemarketing campaign is rolled out.

7. Set realistic targets: Discuss with your service provider and set up realistic targets based on the number of leads that you can handle, the type of your product and your expectations. Also share the percentage of outbound sales that you expect from telemarketing. Setting achievable targets will not leave you frustrated or disappointed.

8. Record the results: Set up a system that can help you keep a track of the positive and negative outcomes of all the calls. This will help your sales team make an informed sales pitch for every customer. You can also use your telemarketing database to analyse trends and patterns.

9. Ask for feedback: Ask your service provider to use call notes. Both positive and negative feedback can be useful in your marketing strategies. Also ask the vendor to provide you with detailed calls statistics or a monthly review of all the calls that they have made.

10. Involve your sales team: Make sure that your sales team is involved. Leads will need a quick follow-up and your sales team needs to be ready. Get feedback on the progression of your sales and share this with the telemarketing company.

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