How Machine Learning in Analytics Can Prevent Healthcare Fraud?

The healthcare industry is easily one of the biggest industries right now. And it is also a sector where it is very easy and common to lose money. No, we are not talking about insurance companies who give out plans with a lot of writing in small fonts, instead, we are referring to the healthcare providers who practice fraudulent billings to earn profits. In this article, we will first explain how this process works and also how machine learning can pose as a potential solution to this problem.

How does this fraud work?

Medical companies provide insurance options to all of its patients. And while these insurance options are usually supposed to take care of prescribed medication costs, some of the companies send out refills to the patients without them even having applied for it. In this process they allow each prescription to be billed twice, maybe even more, thereby making profits off medication even though the insurance should have covered it.

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Why Will Enterprises Increase their IoT Spending in 2019?

IoT, or the Internet of Things, is one of the latest innovations in the machine learning world, and of recent, it has really picked up steam in the IT world. All of the big brands have already started hiring IoT professionals and are ready to use IoT options to enhance their solutions. Now, it’s time for both mid-sized and small-scale businesses to jump onto the bandwagon and make use of the technology.

However, it is also worth noting why these brands are using or rather adopting IoT technology? Let us find out:

  1. All-around Monitoring

    Since IoT has the capability of integrating into systems which uses the internet, it can be used to connect all these systems and receive all-around data about anyone. For example, with the help of IoT, every aspect of an employee can be recorded. From how many emails they send a day to the amount of time spent at the coffee machine, IoT can record all data and provide personalized solutions.

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The Fascinating Hidden Potential of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a disruptive technology which serves the purpose of blending real-time scenes from the world with virtual information. This is basically the next jump in the road of science from 3D, and developers worldwide are bringing to life various applications of the AR technology. It was recently seen being used in the famous mobile device game, Pokémon Go, however, this technology promises much more practical usage. Let us take a look at some of these factors.

  1. Directions Maps

    AR technology is being used to provide people with directional guidance in various places. An airport has applied this technology in their airport to help people navigate around without any hassle. In the near future, it can also be used to give people accurate directions throughout cities.

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How Can Artificial Intelligence Prevent Crime?

Artificial Intelligence has come a long way since its inception and one of the latest uses of it has been found in the law and order sector. According to scientists, the process of a crime being committed or a person’s mindset turning into that of a criminal’s can be calculated. However, this requires analyzing a huge volume of data which of course is something that the AI machinery is based on. All leading governments are now allocating budgets into training AI technologies to function within their law and order systems.

This, however, comes with a catch. The data records of law and order systems about criminals and criminal activity, in general, is tainted with shades of discrimination towards the minorities. For example, an AI system which takes into account the criminal past of a person and calculates their chances of going back to their criminal ways is most likely to choose minorities like the ones who are more likely to falter.

These problems aside, there are still quite a few things that an AI system can do which are of great help to the police and detectives. Here are a few amongst them:

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Why Outsource Accounting Services for Your Insurance Business?

Accounting resources are one of the most important parts of an insurance company. With the advancement of time, insurance services have become highly personalized and therefore the process of accounting has become complex. For any established insurance company to stay in the business it is important that they allow all accounting operations to be handled by a professional team and one of the easiest ways to achieve this is through outsourcing. This process provides a lot of benefits for the business house and we have listed a few of them below.

  1. Faster and Accurate Services

    If an insurance company hires an in-house accounting team, the entire process of introducing them to the company’s policies and clientele will need to be done. This takes up quite a bit of time before the accounting process can begin at a full swing. Whereas a team which handles outsourced projects are used to the process of handling offshore material and can integrate themselves at a much faster speed. They also provide absolutely accurate results using state of the art accounting technology.

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Top Ways to Promote your Movie or TV Show on Social Media

Social media has become the marketing hub that everyone is concerned about, and for all the good reasons. Various social networking channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. have millions of users to whom the products can be reached out to. This process is however not really easy as there are quite a few technical nuances one needs to understand in order to promote their video content on social media platforms. Here are a few things one should ensure their social media marketing strategy to stress upon:

  1. SEO and SEM

    Every social media platform hosts their own search engine and the ranking of content on social media searches also affect the Google search positions, and vice versa. As a result of this usage of proper search engine optimization and search engine marketing strategies become imperative to the cause. This includes keyword researching, optimizing and SEM-based copy, competitor analysis programs, and various other processes.

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Is the World Economy at Risk of Another Financial Crisis?

The global financial system is currently highly unregulated. As a result of this, a huge part of the population of developed countries is in a panic as to whether another economic meltdown will take place. We think it will, and we also advise that the general population prepare themselves against any such incident. If you are someone who runs a mortgage business this means your business is going to go up and therefore a lot of new customers are going to turn up. This may be the best time to take some extra tasks such as eligibility checking, credit score calculating, etc. and outsource it.

Here are the various benefits which outsourcing mortgage services can provide you with and how this process can help protect your business against financial collapse:

  1. More Time for the Business

    Mortgage processing is an extremely time-consuming process that involves a lot of paperwork and to and fro conversations with the client. If this entire process can be outsourced, then the mortgage company will have time on their hands to tend to the business side of things and grow their customer base as well.

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3 Aspects Your Healthcare App Must Have

Healthcare apps are available in plenty these days. With every aspect of human life being converted into an application, most people nowadays want to avail their healthcare solutions through the touch of a button. As a result of this, most healthcare brands have developed their own apps and there are also smaller brands that are getting into this market. Are you looking to build a healthcare app as well? Then, these are the 3 primary aspects you should keep in mind:

  1. Direct and 24/7 Contact

    While many people are going to use an app to keep a tab on their regular health data, most are going to use it to reach out to medical organizations for actual medical help. Any healthcare app should aim to fulfill this duty to their absolute best capabilities. It should be well connected with at least more than one good local healthcare provider and should have 24/7 connectivity through their customer care executives.

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Top e-Learning Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

e-Learning has become a huge trend in a variety of fields. e-Learning processes are used by driving schools, technical course instructors, and even for basic classroom teaching. So here is a list of what to expect in the ever-evolving world of e-learning:

  1. VR and AR Tech will Soar

    While VR has been used by quite a few fields to teach technical courses, the usage of this technology will see new heights in the future. Even schools are now starting to use VR systems to teach lessons in subjects such as history and sociology.

    AR is still a newfound development but its experience is under constant renovation. Till now AR technology has been a huge hit in the gaming world, and one can expect some amazing e-learning tech based on AR concepts very soon.

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How Deep Learning is Changing the Image Recognition World?

Deep learning is part of an artificial intelligence system which helps in the process of recognition. This procedure collects large amounts of data and traces them to learn more about user behavior and predicts options. Right now the two biggest functions that deep learning serves are image recognition and speech recognition. Out of these two, speech recognition has been on a good footing for quite a while whereas image recognition has faced a slouch in growth. This is no longer the case, as deep learning has made some massive jumps in technology in the past year and the results are definitely showing.

Here are some of the latest developments that deep learning has provided to image recognition software:

  1. Search Engines

    Search engines are currently one of the leading digital mediums that uses deep learning for the purpose of image recognition. Google, being the top one, has employed one of the most accurate image search processes which are fueled primarily by the process of deep learning. Microsoft is another brand which is providing top-notch deep learning systems in their smartphones and the Bing search engine. Almost all search engines provide some sort of image recognition ability and these are now milestones ahead of what they were last year due to the deep learning processes.

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